And so it begins :)

Two weeks ago while I was in Ottawa I bought some currant bushes. A red and a black. Last weekend I went to a plant sale at Melville Church in Eganville and came home with phlox, primrose and sedum. Yesterday my friend Pam brought me a ‘housewarming’ apple tree. A Wolf Ridge apple that she says produces big juicy pie apples.  


Today I brought home two Evans Tart cherry trees. They are rated for Zone 2 so hopefully they will do well.


I also potted up the Pussy Willows that I’ve been rooting since I got them as a door prize back in March.

I’ve scoped out the stock and on Saturday when I have the pickup truck I’ll pick up one more apple tree and an apricot tree and maybe some gooseberries.


I also started on a small veg plot. It’s only about 10 X 12.  No need to get overwhelmed by it right away. There’s enough to keep me occupied already. I’m thinking tomatoes, onions, beans and squash.

And, the garlic I planted in November after I moved in is coming along.


Between here and my friends place, I have about 125 bulbs planted.  

My friend Betty once told me that the guy at the local nursery told her not to bother planting an avocado tree when she moved into her home in Florida because it wouldn’t produce fruit for 5 years. SHe lived there for about 17 years and felt like she got ripped off for 12 years worth of avocados. On her advice, I’m planting my fruit trees right away.  I figure it’s a good plan.


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