Golden Egg Curry

I have lots of cookbooks. Even after the pre-move cull I must still have close to 150. At least. Some people have ‘favourite’ fiction authors. I have cookbook authors that I follow. Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver and Sri Owen come to mind. I tend to buy their cookbooks because of their philosophy on food and on life (is there a difference?)


One of my all-time favourites is Naomi Duguid and her former partner Jeffrey Alford. Their books are brilliant. Part photo-essay, part sociopolitical commentary, part travel guide to all the places I want to go and some that I’ve been to.


Burma is Naomi’s first cookbook on her own and I love it. It inspired tonight’s dinner.


Eggs are hard cooked, cooled and peeled. The whole eggs are then shallow fried in oil mixed with a pinch of turmeric. Once the skin blisters they are removed from the pan and sliced in half once they are cool enough to handle. These particular eggs were gifted to me by my neighbour from her farm just outside of town in the Wilno hills. Free-range, organic, off-grid, hippie chickens 🙂

The rest of the recipe is pretty straightforward. Cook onions and garlic with some cumin seeds, add sliced green chilies, add tomatoes, cook down and season with fish sauce. The cumin seeds were my addition because I put them in everything I can.

The eggs are added back in and gently reheated then it’s served over rice. 


Pretty much every culture has a version of eggs cooked in a sauce from shakshuka in Israel to ouef en meurette in France I generally tend towards Indian renditions but this southeast Asian recipe was great.

More tough times at my former work. Pray for them if that’s your thing.

And on another note, my real estate agent stopped by yesterday to check out the kitchen reno. She was gobsmacked (gotta love that word) by the transformation. She said it was inspired :). You should all come see.


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