Even when it rains

The sun seemed to shine right through an early evening rain shower. Killaloe really does have a silver lining.


Rain or Shine

The first real spring-like weekend just passed. I had neighbours over for dinner Saturday for some bengali food – beef bhoona and kichuri. Sunday I had some other neighbours for dinner and made mung dal in coconut curry and a Sri Lankan beet dish where the beets are simmered in coconut milk. The beets were luxurious. I also got a 2 hour hands-on lesson in pruning pear trees from one of the people I fed. I think we all won.


Tonight I opted for simple / clean the fridge type food. Some hummus I made last week with rice cakes, some celery root that has been staring me down from the veggie draawer for too long and a green salad. I also made a huge pot of soup to take to work with things I rescued from the upstairs fridge at work and I burned some eggplants for some future purpose. Success all around I think. 

Oh ya, and I made my maple syrup.and I hung laundry on the line to dry for the first time this year 🙂



I tucked most of the syrup away iI the freezer to prevent me from drinking it all as a bedtime snack. I call it my “safety plan”.

And lastly, happy thoughts for my brother who has a big day ahead of him tomorrow.


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