My windows and doors have been open all afternoon and it’s glorious out. The snow is melting and wee bud’s are poking up in my neighbours garden.

It’s the kind of Sunday where I have a few projects on the go. My kitchen really looks like I live in it.


Mixed seeds are sprouting on the counter.


A couple of jars of cabbage and leek kimchi loaded with ginger, garlic and chili powder are fermenting on the counter.   My friend Hellen went to great lengths to get me Korean chili powder. It’s called gochugaru and there’s really no substitute to get the flavour.


And the late afternoon sun is making a jar of peach jam glow. It tastes like summer.

And I’ll dedicate a full post to it later but I’m collecting sap at the cottage and boiling it down to I maple syrup. All in all a pretty good weekend.



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