The evolution of dinner and mortality

I often start cooking dinner without a clear idea of the end product. I build it as I go and sometimes it becomes something completely different mid stream. A horse of a different colour. I think I inherited that from my mother. That’s the kind of week it’s been in my kitchen.

Sunday I had a vague vision of making something with red lentils because they cook quickly (and they were at eye level in the cupboard).  I started cooking the base of spices and ginger/garlic/onion, added the tomatoes, and then decided it was going to be soup. I added water and the lentils and let it simmer. Then I noticed a half carton of buttermilk and the chiptole peppers in the fridge so I added all that. It sounds freaky but it was really good and hit a lot of the right flavour buttons.

Monday I heated the leftover soup in a fry pan and cracked eggs into it.

They poached in the sauce. I served it with freekah (firike) and it was great.

Tonight I cooked wheat berries in the. Pressure cooker and then went to the fridge to see what I could do with them. I sautéed leeks and carrots and garlic and thyme.
I added some bamboo shoots pickled in. Chile oil that I bought because I liked the jar. Then I added the cooked wheat berries and about an ounce of blue cheese. I served it with more of the bamboo. The cheese turned into a loud sauce. Very good.
In a pottery bowl that. I made in my favourite colour.

I did my Will and Powers of Attorney today. It doesn’t make me more or less mortal, but it makes me stop and take notice.


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