Cooking on gas

There are lots of good reasons to cook on gas. It’s way more responsive and controllable. Turn it on high and it’s on high. Turn it low and it’s low. No waiting. 

That said, you can pretty much cook everything on electric that you can cook on gas with one glaring exception.


Burnt eggplant. Perhaps one of the yummiest foods on the planet. And there no other practical way to do it other than directly on the gas flame until the skin chars and cracks. In my old life I used to have it in one dish or another a couple of times a month. I’ve been living without a gas stove for about 10 months now so I’ve likely missed out on about 20 yummy smokey eggplant dishes. 🙂


Today it became soup. Again from the Jerusalem cookbook. It was very good.  And under the category of ‘who needs a microwave anyway’, I defrosted the frozen stock in a pot on the woodstove while the onions and garlic were cooking on the gas stove. 


I’ve been planning this kitchen in my head for about 10 years now through 3 different homes that I’ve lived in. It’s very satisfying to see it unfold before my eyes.


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