Settling in.

I started packing up my house in Kitchener last April and I’ve essentially been living out of boxes since. Now with the kitchen (mostly) complete, I can finally start to settle in.

Over the weekend I started the long process of putting things away in the kitchen. I’m trying to be very thoughtful about it because knowing me, once. I put something away in a particular drawer, that will likely be its place for ever.

I’m also starting to cook again.


I had one small package of ground lamb left from beast I bought from. Kim and Gary at Alder Creek Farms. I picked a soup recipe from Jerusalem – the Ottolenghi / Tamimi cookbook that I love so much. 

For the base of the soup I used both lamb and chicken stock, tomatoes, and freekah – a smoked and cracked green wheat kernel. The spices included cumin, nutmeg, allspice, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom. The meatballs cooked directly in the soup.

I had the leftovers today for lunch with Kim who raised the lamb and also shared it with the midwives. It was a hit all around.

Kim says that it’s currently lambing time and new critters are being born pretty much every day. I think I’ve convinced Kim to milk some of her sheep for me once the wee ones are weaned. I picture a sheep-milk cheese making escapade in my future.


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