More plumbing and electric – Day 4




Lots more work today. The electric and plumbing folks have most of the services installed and roughed in for both this job and the bathroom.  A little more work tomorrow and then the carpenters can come back in and start finishing the room.


That’s a picture of the floor under the linoleum. The gray stuff is just paper that seems to come off pretty easily and the nail holes don’t seem too bad. It’s pretty likely that they will be able to restore it to match the flooring in the rest of the house.

The electrician working on the project is Nolan Oram of the Sand Bay Orams :). He’s 10 years younger than me and I don’t remember him. But I definitely spent enough time down there as a kid buying sweet tarts, cream soda in a bottle from the reach-in cooler and gas for the boat. Definitely happy thoughts of summer – especially with these minus 25 temps. 


Molly finds it all a little exhausting apparently.


3 responses to “More plumbing and electric – Day 4

  1. Great memories of Sand Bay. Poor Mollie.

  2. Wow down to the bare bones!

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