They taste like more

I bought Andrea Nguyen’s cookbook Asian Tofu when it came out a couple of years ago and i use it fairly often – last night it provided the perfect dinner suggestion. Spiced Chickpea Crepes with Soybean Paneer. The ‘crepes’ are really simple  – just chickpea flour, rice flour, spices and water to make a thin batter and the filling only took a couple of minutes to put together. The recipe makes it sound like more bother than it is.




I added some nectarine chutney from that batch I made back in the summer (ahhh…summer….) and some of my homegrown sprouts – a mix of clover, radish and fenugreek. These pics are actually fom the leftovers I had at lunch today becuase last night I ate before I ever managed to get the camera out.

A couple of recipe notes in case you decide to make these. “Soy paneer” is just firm tofu. You cold just as easily use real paneer (Indian fresh cheese) or any cheese or no cheese at all. They are very much like a soft taco – except that the combination of chickpea flour with rice flour means that the crepe itself is a complete protein.



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