A suggestion and an update.

I read the Northwest Edible Life blog regularly. The blogger Erica writes about things that make sense to me in a very straightforward, practical way. Her most recent post “Three Steps To Reduce Your Consumption” pretty much aligns exactly with my way of living – or at least with my values. You may find this to be an interesting read. http://www.nwedible.com/2014/01/reduce-your-consumption.html

On the home front, things are progressing well. Cabinets are being built in the shop, the counter has been ordered,  hardware has been ordered (crap cabinet handles can be expensive!), appliances are on the verge of being delivered (hopefully I can delay them a bit or they will be sitting in the middle of my living room for a month)  and demolition work will start in my house in about 2 weeks (wee delay due to uncontrolable circumstances.) I managed to find lights for over the peninsula while I was in Ottawa and slate tile for under the woodstove but no luck on the backsplash yet. Next up, I need to source an exhaust hood . A company in Quebec called Venmar seems to be a likely source if I can find a dealer in Renfrew County.

I’ve been planning this kitchen reno in my head for over 10 years now.  It’s nice to be finally moving forward with it.  I’ll get some “before pics” up here soon before the demo starts.


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