One step closer…

Support your local retailer!

I finally made a decision on a stove. It’s a GE 30″ gas convection 5 burner slide-in jobby.


It’s a decision that I agonized over for weeks. I needed something functional enough to work for me considering how much time I spend in the kitchen, but it also needed not to break the bank. Many of the models I perused online cost well north of $3,000. Yikes!   I picked this much more affordable model and it doesn’t feel like I’m settling at all.

Here’s the kicker. The little local shop sells everything – it’s The Source, Sears, and Bell Mobility rolled into one and they also have a back-hoe and sell maple syrup. As I said, they sell everything. They priced it for me – $400 less than Home Depot – that’s a full 20% off.

Lessons learned. If you’re in the Bay area (Barry’s not San Fran, lol) please support Yantha Enterprises. They are awesome. It always pays to shop local and support the people you know. Big chains make profits for shareholders. Local stores keep communities alive.

Sadly GE won’t let the Yantha’s sell me the fridge I picked so it’s back to the drawing board.


One response to “One step closer…

  1. That oven is beautiful. So glad they had it in the Bay.

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