And it snows…

The first snow of the season was on November 23rd and we’ve had snow on the ground since. It keeps snowing and I keep shoveling.


Hard to tell in this pic but the snow banks are close to 7 feet high. 



Welll above the top of the shovel and taller than me.

Slow but sure I shovel, one row at a time. I’m keeping the driveway completely clear. It seems to be my new hobby.

Friday overnight we got about 5 inches. I shovelled. Saturday overnight we got another 10 inches. I shovelled. Southern Ontario seems to have got ice and freezing rain. I think this is better. 


Last night I had the first of the lamb.   Hummus Kawarma from Jerusalem, the brilliant cookbook by Yotam Ottolengghi and Sami Tamimi. Silky smooth hummus topped with ground lamb that had been marinated with allspice, garlic, cinnamon and lemon. With pine nuts, chick peas and a garlicky chilli lemon sauce on top. Clearly the richest meal I have eaten in ages. It was amazing.

It’s still snowing now so likely another round of shoveling later this afternoon. For now though, a cup of tea and a cookbook to get me through the afternoon while my thoughts are with my friends who are travelling to be with family for the holidays.    Safe journey.


One response to “And it snows…

  1. Lamb looks delish. We have been skating here. Lots of ice and snow. Hopefully good driving Tues-Thursday. See you soon.More lamb to come.

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