I met the cow

Back in the summer I met a cow. She’s a pretty Brown Swiss. She’s made an appearance on this. Blog before so you might remember her.


She recently  moved in with a cheesemaker who wanted her because apparently her milk is perfect. Earlier this week I got to buy a 3 pound wheel of her very first cheese. 



It’s cheddar and I expect it will be glorious. I read up about it and it prefers to be aged at 10 degrees C – the same temp I keep my guest bedroom at when not in use. It’s tucked away now in that room and barring any late night urges, it will stay there until at least the spring. 

Local food options continue to find me. This week I also bought a lamb to split with my sis. It’s from Alder Creek. Farms near Golden Lake and it was raised on organic food by my friends Kim and Gary. I foresee some dinner parties in the near future.

Kitchener for the weekend. Lots of visits with friends and a family gig on Sunday. And likely some ethnic food…. felafel, sushi, Pho, Chinese… mmmmm


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