Who knew?

Last night I had left over turnip curry and aloo gobi but there was no rice left so I searched the cupboard and found wheat berries that I bought ages ago. I’d never cooked wheat berries before but I figured they’d make a good base for the leftovers. Who knew they needed an overnight soak followed by 30 minutes in the pressure cooker. That meant they were out for last night but I threw some in to soak anyway and had ferike instead (that’s another post for another day).  

Tonight I cooked up the wheat berries. I was skeptical that they’d take 30 minutes in th p cooker – the longest I’d cooked anything was about 15 minutes for chick peas and even that seemed too long but I went with the full 30 anyway. They turned out perfectly.


While they cooked I roasted a delicata squash and some mushrooms. I dressed the wheat with olive oil and a couple of ounces of blue cheese that pretty much melted and formed a sauce. I added the squash and mushrooms along with some capers, scallions and parsley and called it dinner. It was amazing.

The 2 firsts for. Me were cooking wheat berries and eating delicata squash with the skin on. I can recommend both.

More snow today. And more shoveling. It’s becoming a bit of a habit.  Also a long overdue catch up with my friend Andrew. A good day overall.


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