I’ve got wood!


Four cords. Stacking it made for a good Saturday morning workout. It’s guesswork trying to decide how much I may burn this year. I likely won’t even have my woodstove installed until later in January. It comes towards the end of the kitchen reno. Four cords makes me feel well prepared. It fit easily inside my garage along the one wall.

It’s been a full week. Slowly unpacking boxes and finding a new home for things. I’m starting to feel settled – as much as I can without any real furniture yet.


It’s nice to be back in the kitchen and cooking again. Mostly soup and dal. Simple comfort food goes with the weather. Snow on the ground and it’s only November 10. It will be interesting to see what the winter is like up here.

I’m currently without car and computer. My car battery seems to have died. Hopefully it’s nothing more sinister than that. I’m sure I’ll be able to get fixed up tomorrow. And there’s a good chance that my computer is dead. Thankfully I backed it up recently. If it is dead it’s the shortcuts to recipes that I’ll miss the most. Time will tell.


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