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Hunting Season and Car Parts in Renfrew County


It’s hunting seasson. I didn’t quite get the significance of that until it started but I’m beginning to understand. By ‘hunting season’ I mean that people are allowed to hunt deer with a rifle – there are other season for different things at different times with different types of firearms. This is the big one though.  And everyone goes. Lot’s of business tend to close or significantly reduce their staff and producitvity. If one could choose when the starter on their import car was going to die in Renfrew County , this probably wouldn’t be the time.

When my car didn’t start on Saturday morning, I figured it was the battery  and that I’d have to wait until Monday to get it fixed. No big deal… I live right in the centre of the village and had no plans to drive anywhere on the weekend. Except, it’s hunting season. The garage is working on a skeleton staff. The owner/mechanic had lots of people to tend to and the first chance he had to look at it was late Tuesday afternoon. He actually made a house call, confirmed his suspicion that it was the starter not the battery (based on my report that it went ‘click’ not ‘clickclickclick’), and he managed to get it going. But the starter needs to be replaced. Not really a big deal for city folk but it’s hunting season AND it’s an import car in the middle of rural Renfrew County. Aparently these things aren’t that easy to come by. I suspect that if I drove an F150 I could get a starter in a minute – but I don’t….yet…


The part is ordered. It should be here by Thursday and he will install it right away. I have to trust that it will all work out as planned however it causes me some degree of stress. I have a full slate of activities planned in Kitchener, Cambridge, Killaloe and Ottawa over the next few days including moving my furniture up here, helping a close friend celebrate a birthday and attending a big fundraiser that’s important to me. But these are things I may just need to let go. Time will tell – it’s out of my control.

All things considered, I consider myself pretty  lucky. I can walk everywhere I need to be until Friday. I have a mechanic that makes house calls. There are  good people doing their best to make sure I get on my way in time. I have an opportunity to practise patience. And I live in paradise.

Next time my car dies though, I hope it’s not during the hunt.

Down Time

A long overdue ‘day on the couch’. Of course I don’t have a couch yet but that didn’t stop me taking a day off.


Sore muscles from stacking all that wood yesterday and the overwhelming feeling that I haven’t had a day of doing nothing in a long time made it an easy decision. And a good choice.

Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, fridge-leavins lo mein for dinner, and a long mid day nap. And a bunch of episodes of Justified.

Everything else got put on hold.

I’ve got wood!


Four cords. Stacking it made for a good Saturday morning workout. It’s guesswork trying to decide how much I may burn this year. I likely won’t even have my woodstove installed until later in January. It comes towards the end of the kitchen reno. Four cords makes me feel well prepared. It fit easily inside my garage along the one wall.

It’s been a full week. Slowly unpacking boxes and finding a new home for things. I’m starting to feel settled – as much as I can without any real furniture yet.


It’s nice to be back in the kitchen and cooking again. Mostly soup and dal. Simple comfort food goes with the weather. Snow on the ground and it’s only November 10. It will be interesting to see what the winter is like up here.

I’m currently without car and computer. My car battery seems to have died. Hopefully it’s nothing more sinister than that. I’m sure I’ll be able to get fixed up tomorrow. And there’s a good chance that my computer is dead. Thankfully I backed it up recently. If it is dead it’s the shortcuts to recipes that I’ll miss the most. Time will tell.

Home Sweet Home!

And we’re in! After a near kerfuffle and a good dose of rigmarole, we’re in. Molly and I that is.


We were able to pick up the keys from the lawyer around 5 yesterday, load up the truck (thanks Kim for loaning me the farm truck – it’s a bit of a pig but I haven’t met an F150 that I didn’t LOVE) and bring enough stuff to move in right away.


And i’m loving it!

Night one went very well. The kicker was the 3 minute walk to work this morning! So much nicer than a 30 minute drive. It turns out that I moved just in time. I awoke on the 30th to snow covered roads.


There was a car in the ditch on the business side of the Wilno hill and a truck on its side near Old Tressle Road. I am glad that my commuting days are in the past. 

I worked in the morning and had many visitors in the afternoon. The woodstove installer came over to give me a quote (what I had expected) and the Internet guy came to install (surprisingly painless for Bell). I also had a revolving door of office folks dropped in.


My second night here was Hallowe’en. I unpacked a LOT of boxes. Probably premature since I’m going to have to pack it up again for the reno but I am SO done with living out of boxes that it was a necessity. And I managed to carve a pumpkin and give out candy to about 60 kids. Not bad in a town with a population of 700.

The previous owners were smokers. Heavy HEAVY smokers. And the place is almost dripping with the stains. It will all clean up well so I’m not concerned. What’s interesting though is the nostalgia-factor. The place smells like 79 Cameron Ave. My gareandparent’s home. It’s funny how smell can trigger such strong memories. It’s really unmistakable. And I don’t mind it.

Home Sweet Home indeed.