Getting Ready


By this time next week I will have moved into the new place. It’s becoming more real all the time. This past week has been all about getting ready. Repacking the boxes I’ve been living out of for 6 months. Using up bits and pieces of food. Cleaning. And getting the cottage ready for winter. we even have a new driveway!


Today I used lots of treasures from the freezer to make a big pot of stock.


Sadly my stock pot is on its last legs. Hunting down a replacement will be a
project for another day. If anyone has a line on a used restaurant quality stock pot 20 litres or better we should talk. 


I also made pickled cranberries – a recipe from the ‘In a Pickle’ blog by Marissa on Serious Eats. These things are like crack for my tastebuds.

I made more hot sauce with the last of the season’s habaneros from David. As I stirred The pot I thought that the peppers are called habaneros because they’re from Havana – except these ones are really from Palmer Rapids. Are they palmeros? Palmero-Mango Hot Sauce, Renfrew County style. It kinda has a ring to it don’t ya think?

Dinner tonight will include a batch of buttermilk cornbread with some local corn thrown in for good measure – and to use up more freezers-leavins. Cooked in a screaming hot cast iron pan in the oven, it will be awesome. Crispy-chewy-moist (and corny). Mm.

A big week ahead and only 3 more sleeps until the big day….


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