Firsts and Lasts


Invariably one food season ends as another begins. I have fond memories of the days in June when the only thing I craved was asparagus. I also remember waiting for the first peach, the first corn (Temptation if I recall- from Dallas) and the first tomato. Things are more special when they only last a short time and then make you wait for the calendar to catch up so they can start over again.

Dinner today is the last of the local cherry tomatoes from Edmond, quickly cooked into a sauce with onions from Jon (farmer Jon not hair Jon) and garlic and oregano from my own garden. With a glug of bubbly because sparkling wine makes most things better. The sauce got poured over the first spaghetti squash of the season. A big yummy specimen that I picked from my friend Pam’s garden. So SO good.

I have a bushel of squash (squashes??) squirrled away. Lots more fresh local meals to come for sure. Everything has its season. 

13 sleeps til closing. VERY excited for what lies ahead but trying to live in the present.


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