Monthly Archives: October 2013

Morning coffee by the fire


It’s a good way to start the day especially when the thermometer says it’s -7 outside. That’s a pretty hard freeze for October. Likely only one more night here and then I get my house. The excitement continues to build.

An update and congrats!


The cornbread was awesome. With the last of Jon’s salsa as a topping. More empty jars is a good thing.

And a big congratulation to the new manager of the dog grooming store in Waterloo. Molly approves whole-heartedly.


She wonders if the groomer does house calls.

Getting Ready


By this time next week I will have moved into the new place. It’s becoming more real all the time. This past week has been all about getting ready. Repacking the boxes I’ve been living out of for 6 months. Using up bits and pieces of food. Cleaning. And getting the cottage ready for winter. we even have a new driveway!


Today I used lots of treasures from the freezer to make a big pot of stock.


Sadly my stock pot is on its last legs. Hunting down a replacement will be a
project for another day. If anyone has a line on a used restaurant quality stock pot 20 litres or better we should talk. 


I also made pickled cranberries – a recipe from the ‘In a Pickle’ blog by Marissa on Serious Eats. These things are like crack for my tastebuds.

I made more hot sauce with the last of the season’s habaneros from David. As I stirred The pot I thought that the peppers are called habaneros because they’re from Havana – except these ones are really from Palmer Rapids. Are they palmeros? Palmero-Mango Hot Sauce, Renfrew County style. It kinda has a ring to it don’t ya think?

Dinner tonight will include a batch of buttermilk cornbread with some local corn thrown in for good measure – and to use up more freezers-leavins. Cooked in a screaming hot cast iron pan in the oven, it will be awesome. Crispy-chewy-moist (and corny). Mm.

A big week ahead and only 3 more sleeps until the big day….

Firsts and Lasts


Invariably one food season ends as another begins. I have fond memories of the days in June when the only thing I craved was asparagus. I also remember waiting for the first peach, the first corn (Temptation if I recall- from Dallas) and the first tomato. Things are more special when they only last a short time and then make you wait for the calendar to catch up so they can start over again.

Dinner today is the last of the local cherry tomatoes from Edmond, quickly cooked into a sauce with onions from Jon (farmer Jon not hair Jon) and garlic and oregano from my own garden. With a glug of bubbly because sparkling wine makes most things better. The sauce got poured over the first spaghetti squash of the season. A big yummy specimen that I picked from my friend Pam’s garden. So SO good.

I have a bushel of squash (squashes??) squirrled away. Lots more fresh local meals to come for sure. Everything has its season. 

13 sleeps til closing. VERY excited for what lies ahead but trying to live in the present.

After a weekend of indulgence

Clearly the time has come for some healthier food choices. As much as I enjoyed all the food on the weekend, my body seems to be sending me messages loud and clear. So I listened.


A simple stir fry. The  last of the seasons brocoli from Edmond in Rockingham. Some dried shiitakes that have been staring me down from the cupboard. Onions from the bushel I have put away for the winter :). The last of the hoisin sauce (one less bottle to move). Some tofu.  And some quinoa. Healthy AND good.

Today over lunch I arranged for hydro and propane for the new place and made a plan to go shopping in Ottawa with my pal for house stuff on the weekend.  It’s becoming more real all the time. And I like it. Fifteen more sleeps.

A weekend of giving thanks and a bowl of tom yum yum yum.

An outstanding weekend is drawing to a close. The weather just couldn’t be better. Lots of family and cooking and food.

My contribution to the big big meal (as opposed to the other big meals) was pies.


Pumpkin and apple and pecan (o my).

The traditional Thanksgiving Classic took place – many thanks to Kathy and Steve for allowing the tradition to continue.




The best team won and Molly and Penny got a weeks worth of workout.

Dinner today was a very loose interpretation of a recipe on the Foodess blog for Tom Yum soup. I used tofu, brocoli and langzhou noodles in my version and it pretty much hit all the taste buttons.


And what am I thankful for? Among my many many blessings, my new addresses seem to stand out. What could be better?


(pie for breakfast)


A swim. On October 10th! I had to. It’s a beautiful day and the water was way too inviting.


I love coming home to this. My first swim this year was May 6th. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here more than 5 months already.

I had a great 3 day visit with Valentina. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since her last visit here. Dinner 1 was an Indian feast – Jeera Rasam, bhindi masala, and moong dal in coconut curry. All was g ood but the Rasam was awesome. A sour tamarind broth soup with lots of heat and lots of cumin. Day 2 was a tomato corn galette – can’t get me enough of those rustic tarts :). We also made soap with olive oil and poppy seeds and lip balm with bees wax, honey and calendula. And we went fishing, had a bon fire and watched a movie. I need a rest.

Thanksgiving is on the way and we’ll have a houseful. Fun fun. Now all we need is for this weather to last until Christmas.

A Kitchener weekend following a disappearing week


Sitting at King Tin anticipating the meal to come. Dim Sum with the Stratford folks. The perfect cap to a great kitchener weekend.

Paula’s 60th was the draw. A private party at Bauer Kitchen. Lots of fun. A day at the market and wandering with Scott. And some appliance dream-shopping just to get an idea for my upcoming kitchen purchase. I could get a pretty amazing Wolf stove on sale for $4000. Yikes! I need to set my goals a little lower.

Looking forward to getting back home. As much as I like to visit, the city is way too noisy and busy.