If they can do it everyone can.

Hats off to A&W for eliminating hormones, steroids, and medicated feed from the beef they serve. With almost 800 outlets in Canada, this will have an impact and will help pave the way for other chains to follow. Despite the claims in the article about strict regulations and the ‘supposed’ proven safety of the drugs and chemicals they give the cows, I don’t think they can be trusted. They don’t have the best interest of the cows at heart. Remember that the same agencies that approve the drugs and chemicals added to our food are the agencies that, over time, have approved other ‘safe’ drugs and chemicals like olestra (causes oily anal leakage and dramatic loss of vitamins), thalidomide (causes birth defects), BHT, BTH (waxy carcinogens made from petroleum that help keep food ‘fresher’), and even arsenic (‘it makes chickens looks ‘pinker’ and therefore appear ‘fresher’).


There’s a long way to go yet but every little bit helps. You are what you eat. Image


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