A weekend getaway to Ottawa with my friend Scott


A perfect early fall weekend in Ottawa – and lots of food. We didn’t have a lot of time so we focused mostly on downtown the market and Chinatown (of course).

Friday night dinner at a Scotish Pub and I had hagis with garlic mashed potatoes and a wee dram of scotch.


Quite likely the richest meal I’v eaten in a year. It was good.


Really good 🙂

No matter where I am, Saturday morning generally means a trip to the market. It’s funny how attached I become to particular markets. As much as I loved the Byward, I kind of missed my Combermere market. None-the-less, I got a pretty sweet haul.


It lead to a lunch on the balcony of cheeses, pate (mmm bison) and fruit. I also picked up a big basket of last-day-for-sale orangey/yellow tomatoes and turned them into 6 litres of brilliantly coloured tomato juice.




More treats tucked away to brighten up the winter. (I still have more jars yet so likely there’s more canning to come. )

Pho for lunch in Chinatown and the broth was exceptionally good. It reminded me of street side stalls in Hanoi.


If you’re in Ottawa I’d recommend a bowl of soup at Saigon Boy.

Finally it was back to the cottage and another feast. Rutabaga mustard seed and coconut curry – a recipe from Vikas Khanna with rutabaga from Joanne  and corn on the cob with sweet onion gravy.



More good food to come from the trip. I still have a good feed of chanterelle and some lobster mushrooms on the horizon.

I like the ingredients that you can get in a bigger city but I’m not about to give up living in paradise for it. The occasional trip will have to do.



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