In my old life, people used to bring me gifts of produce from time to time – things they’d grown a little too much of or if they had found a deal too good to pass up. In my new life it’s become an almost daily occurance.


My friend Karen dropped off a bag full of goodies – tomatoes, zucchini, rosemary and more. Pam gave me eggs (that I got to pick from the hen house!) tomatoes cucumbers and squash.


And as I was viewing a house, the owner made sure that I left with a basket of plums from the tree on the yard.


Today a woman I know dropped off a bushel of apples from her tree – enough to send some home with everyone in the office.

Squash becomes soup. Zucchini and tomatoes get sautéed and served with the eggs, and the plums spent an evening in the dehydrator becoming what is quite possibly the best candy I’ve ever eaten.


And I got to watch the mist rise off the lake as I had my morning coffee.

I’m starting to feel like a part of this community. And I like it.


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