Aa pear of something :)

I had a great visit with John A this weekend – his first time here. V and M were also here for the weekend. Lots of fun all around.


Bread from Dave at the market made a great canvas for some heirloom tomatoes that Tamara gave me the other day. Toasted and slathered with mayo. It’s hard to think of a better lunch.

The sis brought a grocery bag full of pears from the tree in her back yard. They were amazingly good.


I canned a dozen pint jars in light syrup – some with candied ginger and a clove.


And some became dessert. Pear Tarte Tatin. 



There are more yet that I’ll just eat as is. I look forward to having my own fruit trees. I can only imagine all the things I’ll make.


Saturday dinner was a harvest feast! Sausages from the Shulists in Combermere. Naturally raised organic meat. Absolutely yummy piggy goodness.


With tomatoes and cucumbers from my friend Pam in B B, my homemade sauerkraut made with Joanne’s cabbage, and what is possibly the best corn I have ever eaten. Ever. Joanne normally only grows enough corn for herself. She brought some to the market on Saturday and I bought the last 8 cobs. It was so fresh and sweet that each kernal popped and exploded in my mouth. Good job.


I never get tired of that view.


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