The house in Wilno was charming wioth lots of potential but the noise from the road made it a no-go. The right place will come along. I have lead on a place that isn’t currently for sale but that might be just the right thing. I may just go knocking on doors.


Dinner today, and likely for the rest of the week, is all about using up ingredients. My recent focus on canning and preserving caused some things to be pushed to the side.


This yummy concoction is a version of eggplant in black bean garlic sauce. I got to use the almost-past-due eggplants, the last of the fresh tomatoes from Jon, the rest of the lacck bean garlic sauce from the weekend and the remainder of a jar of tomatoes that didn’t seal properly.


My house deal went through as planned today. Thankfully. There’s a cheque waiting for me at the lawyers office. So long Filbert Street.


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