House Hunting

The new owner takes possession of my Kitchener house tomorrow and I’ve started to look for a new place up here. One place that had been on my radar for some time fell off the list the moment I walked through the door. It felt cramped. Another that had been a long shot jumped to the front of the line. For now. I will keep looking.

Two acres with fruit trees and berry bushes on a paved road a 10 minutes from work. That’s the description of the next place I want to look at.


More tomatoes. A galette for dinner with my friend Mark on Friday and soup the day before.


I also managed to get 4 jars of pickled reds done and some into the freezer whole. If I can manage it at the time I may pick up another bushel for canning juice. And then I think I’ll be done.


I made bird stock with various bits of left over bones and veg from the freezer. It will be nice to have stock on hand again.


It’s been mostly a cool day but right now by the lake it’s too nice not to swim.


And now on to the next chapter.


One response to “House Hunting

  1. Happy house hunting my friend!

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