There’s a first time for everything


I got to witness chickens being slaughtered and prepped the other day. It was pretty amazing but I didn’t take any pics out of respect for the chickens.

I stopped in at my friends farm for a visit and there was a big white panel van parkked beside the chicken coop. It turned out to be a mobile, licensed and inspected chicken wagon. Three workers, dressed in aprons and boots efficiently worked a pop-up style assembly line. It was fascinating to watch. 47 chickens lived a good life, ate great food, had a desirable address and a quick and respectful end. I could eat that meat in good conscience – except  sadly they were all spoken for.


Instead of chicken, I made another batch of jam. This time with yummy concord grapes that my friend gave me on my birthday. Fun fun.

A weekend in the city is on the agenda. It will be great to visit with friends and stock up on provisions but seriously, I have no idea how I ‘lived’ there so long. It’s busy, loud and smelly.


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