In a pickle

I’ve made 2 different type of pickles so far this year – a fermented dill and a seven day sweet ad sour. Both were made with Joanne’s cucumbers – I bought a basket a week every week she had them.


The dills were pretty straight forward. Water salt dill garlic cucs and a little chilli.Store in a cool place and wait 10 days or so.  the glory  of lactofermentation  They were passable. I’ve made better. I used pickling spice in some of the jars and I think it made them a little bitter. Definitely a good learning process.



I used fermentation air locks on a few of the bottles. They worked as intended but I will likely use them when I do other lactoferments, not pickles. Sauerkraut season is upon us 🙂


They seven day pickles were a little more involved but still straight forward. Soak the sliced pickles in salt water on day one. On day 2 soak them in alum water. Day 3 soak them in flavored vinegar. Day 4 and 5 do the hokey pokey (that’s what it’s all about). Day 6 add sugar. Day 7 bottle. They are pretty good. Definitely a keeper.


In all I have about 10 litres of pickles.


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