Market treats and a little bit of home grown

Every week at the market it seems something new is in season or a season has passed. This week was the first time I saw winter squash.


Joanne was selling them. Big fat multi-coloured squash with a protrusion of sorts growing out of the blossom end. 


I can hardly wait.

The other find was tomatoes. I’ve had some cherry tomatoes over the past few weeks but none of the big tomatoes looked quite good enough. That’s changed. I bought a small basket from Joanne and a big basket from Marie.


I couldn’t resist. Breakfast today was a toasted tomato sandwich with lots of mayo. It was awesome.


It calls for home made bread but that’s likely not in the picture anytime soon. Something to look forward to.

The star of the week though almost deserves its own post.


Golden locks. Attached to about 45 bulbs of garlic. My home grown garlic. 


I planted it in Kitchener last October and have been parenting it from afar. I had my Kitchener neighbour send me regular pictures of the progress and had her dig it up a week ago. Special delivery from a visitor brought it up here.


And it’s as good as it looks. Not sure if I’ll be settled in time to get a 2014 crop in the ground.


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