More canning. More cooking.

I had a special request for blueberry jam so I bought one quart of them from Jerry P at the market on Friday. My basic recipe for fruit jams is a 2:2:2 ratio. 2 pounds of berries. 2 cups of sugar. 2 t of lemon juice. In this case it was mostly lime juice.


It turned into 2 good sized jars and 2 wee jars in no time. I don’t bother with ‘processing’ the jars in a canner – I just keep them in the fridge.


It’s good. Really good. I don’t think it will last too long.

David had some multi-coloured small tomatoes at the market that looked almost like candy and reminded me of a recipe I’d read earlier in the week on the Smitten Kitchen blog. She called it ‘Burst tomato galette’. Make a butter pastry with a little yogurt and lemon juice in it. Cook the tomatoes whole in a little olive oil until they burst. Add diced zucchini and a little corn. Saute briefly, add green onion, and let cool.


A galette is basically a little rough formed pie, open on the top. Some descriptions refer to a galette as a rustic tart 🙂


Baked in a hot over for 40 minutes with a little bit of finely grated cheese on top. The result was incredible.


The pastry was the best I remember baking. Ever. I think it’s because I used a technique that I’d read about but never tried. Freeze the butter for 20 minutes then grate it into the flour on a box grater. The result was crisp and flakey. I hardly had to mix it with fingers at all before adding the liquid. Definitely the method I’ll use from now on.



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