My house in Kitchener sold. A huge relief. Now I can turn my efforts towards making a new home. I have SO many plans…

Great weekend over all. With the help of neighbour Steve we got the back of the cottage jacked up and leveled. Long overdue and totally awesome. We had so much fun we went back under today and built another pier. So much better. Now we can move forward with the kitchen reno.

Lots of food and more pickling. Two kinds of pickles even and ingredients to make jam tomorrow after work. Have I said how much I love this time of year?

Friday was fridge leavins. Sautéed yellow zucchini and veg.IMG_00001455

And corn. David’s first corn. Beyond comparison. It’s called Temptation and it’s so sweet and crisp that the kernels almost pop in your mouth.


Saturday night I was on my own for dinner and I made a potato curry with carrots and a small handful of masoor dal thrown in for good measure.


It was a pretty simple dish with lots of local flavour. The base recipe was from Mangoes and Curry Leaves – another Naomi Duguid book.


I ate it with a little leftover rice and more corn on the cob.IMG_00001516

It’s been ages since I have had cottage cheese. I don’t know why I don’t buy it more often but I think I say that every time I get it :p. It made for some pretty tastey lunches.


Breakfast this morning was ‘egg in the hole’ – a treat from my childhood memories. Just as crispy and good as I remember.IMG_00001528


All in all, not a bad way to spend a weekend. And it’s not over yet – I don’t even have a commute back to the city :). Still getting used to that.


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