Dill Dal and a Warning

It was the right kind of day for comfort food. A little rainy and windy and the perfect kind of day for dal and rice. Dill Dal was the order of the day.


Many years ago, my dear friend Ravi, who also happens to be a priest and an engineer, talked to me about the dill dal from his memory. I tried to make it but really. I didn’t use nearly enough dill or finesse back then. It was kind of flat. Today I had more luck. I made it from memory and taste. Loads of dill. A little acid. Toor dal. The usual spices. And a swirl of yogurt at the end. 


Rice, pickle and yogurt with dill dall. Pure comfort.


First they said thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. Then it was storm watch and tornado warning. Then it just got lovely. 


A nice finish to a busy day.



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