Ahead of her time

It’s difficult to remember a summer-time meal from my childhood that didn’t include a bowl of sliced cucumbers in vinegar. Sometimes with bits of onions. Today chefy marketing types that make food magazines call them ‘quick pickles’. They’ll quick pickle just about any veg it seems to add a little flavour to the meal. I guess mom was ahead of her time.


They still make regular appearances on the summer dinner table.


These were special cucumbers. They arrived on my desk along with a big bag of fresh-picked lettuce courtesy of my foodie pal and workmate Hellen. They rocked. As did the lettuce.


Knowing something was harvested specifically for you makes it taste even better. Dinner was a salad with egg. Back to more simple straight forward food now that I’m back to work. 


The weekend and vacation finished well. A bowl of smokey chiptole buttermilk corn chowder and a visit with the neighbours seemed like the right thing to do.



That was the best vacation in a long time. And for the most part, I just stayed home :).


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