I had a Vision!

What a great weekend! Lots of family, food and markets. Even managed to get to the Kamaniskeg Regatta :).

I made my first trip to the Killaoe Market on Saturday. Of course Lynne put me to work doing tall people chores as soon as I showed up. While-you-wait wheat grass juice from Ian. Peas from Edmond. Apple butter with this year’s apples from some woman that Molly flirted with. And 75 cent butter tarts that were great. I look forward to getting to know that market.

Almost too much produce to keep track. Peas and beans and lettuce. Garlic and cherries and onions. Cucs for eating and cucs for pickling (a future post). Zucs and carrots and potatoes. Jon’s first digging of potatoes even. They are the best I have ever had.


And this is what baby carrots really look like. Not carved out of Monsanto brontosaurus-carrots. These ones even taste like carrots.



My Vision? The variety of corn that Denver and Marie had for sale. They have 2 farms near Maple Leaf and grow some of the best corn in Wiclow! Denver. Said he thinks it’s even better than last week’s Welcome. A tough contest.

Lots of animals on the menu this weekend. Roasted chickens and ham. 


And even, of ALL things, a hotdog on the beach at the Regatta! Yikes. I have pics but they’re NOT getting posted!


James and Ange from Kitchener were in the neighbourhood and stopped by for happy hour on the dock. I made Andrea Nguyen’s sriracha pimento cheese from her blog post earlier in the week. I have 2 of her cookbooks and I read everything she posts at Viet World Kitchen. She’s the one that got me into making my own tofu – likely a future post.


The newest (and last of the season) batch of sour cherry jam made for some welcome hostess gifts. Sour, gooey and runny. What more could you want.


I must say though that the surprise hit of the weekend’s food experiences was a peach that called seductively from the table in the corner.


Outstanding. I’ve been waiting all year for these. Best eaten straight out of hand but I have visions of pie and jam and chutney and…

It was a Kamaniskeg Double Rainbow kinda weekend 🙂



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