The switch up (and words from Chefs School)

I cooked again yesterday but didn’t have a post in me apparently. Today I do and it was a leftover day – yesterday’s dinner for today’s lunch and today’s dinner was yesterday’s lunch.

A lovely egg curry. This dish always makes me think of Taposhi – one of her favourites.


Burma's Egg Curry

It was a loose interpretation of Naomi Duguid’s recipe from her Newest book Burma. You can find the recipe online at – a totally worthwhile foodie blog.  If you don’t know Naoimi’s books I highly recommend them. They are cookbook / photo essay / cultural study / travelogue and totally brilliant works covering much of Asia.


Ancho Soup

And this is the Sunday lunch – Monday dinner soup. A handful of rehydrated Ancho chile peppers, a jar of my tomatoes, some other soup-type stuff. Slowly simmered, pureed, and served with the dregs of my Yogurt. The Chefs School words that come to mind are ‘montee au beurre’ and ‘f#@k-yum’. One leads to the other apparently and neither are as dirty as they sound.


Ready for the curry

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